The Victoria and Joaquin Rodrigo Archive

The Archive, set up in 1999, is closely linked to the founding of the Victoria and Joaquin Rodrigo Foundation.  It holds vast computerized information, which includes publishing material and all the writings of Joaquin Rodrigo gathered by the composer and his wife over a period of close to 100 years. The Rodrigo home, preserved intact as a museum just as it was during their lifetime, is an integral part of the Archive.

The Archive contains the following documents:

The writings of Joaquin Rodrigo
The extensive literary production of Joaquin Rodrigo includes his magnificent commentaries to his own works, the reviews and columns he published in the press on classical and contemporary musicians, and on the Spanish world of music in general.
His most profound thoughts and sincere reflections emerge in these writings and in the interviews, which he gave throughout his lifetime.

Publishing material
The publishing history of Rodrigo’s works is contained in the Archive: manuscripts in Braille, copyist manuscripts, first editions, and the complete hire materials for orchestral works.

Graphic documents
More than 5,000 photographs illustrating Rodrigo’s family and professional life are on file.  The Archives contain over 10,000 programs and posters from premieres and concerts in Spain and abroad, dating back to 1924.

Joaquin Rodrigo and his wife enjoyed cultivating the art of letter writing. They maintained friendships and contacts established over the years in their extensive correspondence, of great historical and cultural interest, with family, friends, musicians, publishers, institutions, statesmen and artists from all fields.

The Archive holds over 50,000 press articles, reviews and interviews published on Joaquin Rodrigo and his works in newspapers and magazines around the world, from 1929 to the present.

The audiovisual section of the Archive contains radio and TV broadcasts in which Joaquin Rodrigo appeared, as well as documentaries and films dedicated to the composer. All these documents are available for computerized access.

Musical Archive
Although it is impossible to know the exact number of recordings of Maestro Rodrigo’s works, the Archive maintains a selection of over 600 CDs and more than 150 LPs, as well as historical recordings, some of which have been re-issued in new editions.

Computerized access
The entire contents of the Archive are available to researchers, journalists and students interested in the figure and the works of Joaquin Rodrigo, thanks to the computerized classification and access to all information.

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